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    Bizerte Med Rejiba is an area of Tunisia's famous historic city Bizerte, which is well known as one of North Africa's most charismatic and historic tourist destinations. If you wish to navigate Bizerte and travel onto other cities in Tunisia, you can arrange car hire in Bizerte Rejiba.

    After flying directly to the international airport in Bizerte Med Rejiba, tourists are collected by staff from their accommodation or can take a taxi directly to their hotel. Once they are ready to explore, tourists head to this part of town to arrange cheap car hire in Bizerte Med Rejiba.

    While staying near Bizerte Med Rejiba, tourists can conveniently navigate Tunisia's capital and there are plenty of things to do and see. While in Bizerte, the Ichkeul National Park is a must-see and is full of rare wildlife. Just as important for historians however are the Roman ruins and old cobbled streets of the historic town centre.

    While in Bizerte Med Rejiba, tourists can sample an authentic evening in a Tunisian coastal town and there are plenty of atmospheric restaurants for you to taste the local cuisine while pubs and bars are full of friendly locals who are happy to suggest other ways to have a good time in Bizerte Med Rejiba.

    With car rental in Bizerte Med Rejiba, you can navigate the historic city of Bizerte but aren't merely restricted to staying here. Another convenient draw about Bizerte Med Rejiba is the fact that it is located just a scenic 100km drive from the capital, Tunis.