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Brake - Kids Say Slow Down


Brake – Kids Say Slow Down

Brake – the national road safety charity – exists to help prevent deaths and injuries on UK roads and to care for people who are bereaved and seriously injured by road crashes every year.

The campaign for this year's Road Safety Week is 'Kids Say Slow Down' and aims to encourage all drivers to assess their speed and drive slower – particularly in residential areas and around schools and community facilities – as this is vital in making our roads safer for children.

The enforcement of speed limits is an essential part of road safety, with statistics highlighting that people who drive above speed limits are one of the biggest causes of deaths and injuries of children. In the UK someone is killed every 15 hours by a vehicle that is speeding or travelling too fast for conditions.

Advice for Drivers – Keeping Speed Down

Don't be pressurised by other drivers to drive faster

Drive to conditions - If unsure always slow your speed

Don't always drive to the limit – If passing by schools drive no more than 10mph to ensure safety


A car travelling at 40mph has a stopping distance three times greater than a vehicle travelling at 20mph.

For more information on the Kids Say Slow Down campaign visit Brake’s website.