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Advice & Tips


Driving Advice and Tips

Road Sense is all about encouraging everyone to take care on the roads and to provide advice and information to help make informed decisions when you’re behind the wheel.

Below we feature a range of advice tips. While these are not exhaustive we hope they will provide initial help on some of the key areas we get asked about by drivers.

  • Winter Driving

    Few of us have much experience of driving in severe winter conditions. To help drivers, car hire price comparison site Carrentals.co.uk highlights key tips on how to stay safe in potentially treacherous snow and ice:

  • Night Driving Tips

    Driving at night is more dangerous than during the day because most motorists are not aware of the dramatic effect darkness can have on their ability to cope with even the most normal driving situation. Car hire price comparison site Carrentals.co.uk offers advice on how to stay safe while driving at night:

  • Don’t Drink & Drive

    Everyone knows that driving while under the influence of alcohol is a recipe for disaster, but last year alone 100,000 drivers across the country got caught doing it...

  • Car Maintenance Tips

    A well-kept motor will not only look after you when you need it most, but is also less likely to surprise you with huge repair bills. Here in this section car hire price comparator Carrentals.co.uk, looks at the top car maintenance tips you need to follow to keep your car running smoothly:

  • The Scene of an Accident

    You may not want to think about the worst that could happen when driving, but how many of us actually know what to do if we are involved in an accident?

  • Road Signs Driving Tips

    If you’ve taken your driving test, you’ve probably studied pages of road signs in the Highway Code, but new signs are added all the time and if you ever hire a car on holiday you’ll know just how different some International signs can be.

  • Driving when tired

    Most people accept that their ability to perform certain tasks such as exercise or communicate coherently is minimized when they are extremely tired. However, thousands of people are happy to drive when they are in need of sleep.

  • Brake - Kids Say Slow Down

    Brake, the national road safety charity – exists to help prevent deaths and injuries on UK roads and to care for people who are bereaved and seriously injured by road crashes every year.

  • Brake - Pledge

    Brake, the national Road Safety Charity, has also provided some of their tips and advice - click below to see their Pledge on road safety.

  • The Highways Agency - A Winter's Tale

    Twas a night before Christmas, and all through the land , Not a creature was stirring – their journey was planned They’d made time for winter, their car was prepared For the family journey: no need to be scared....

  • The Highways Agency - Tyre Safety

    In the winter months it is essential that your tyres are well maintained. Cold temperatures, damp roads, snow and ice all reduce a tyre’s ability to grip the road properly, leading to longer stopping distances and a higher risk of an accident...

  • The Highways Agency - Snow and Ice

    Winter can be a busy time for everybody. Whether working, at school or on holiday, there’s so much to remember. But whatever occupies your time this winter, don’t get caught out...