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Win an essential winter car kit with Halfords.com


Don't get left out in the cold

Drivers can’t predict the weather in the UK, and severe weather conditions can arise when least expected, keep yourself safe if you’re out and about on the road. As the clocks go back, whatever the weather this winter, get wise on the dangers of winter motoring.

Winter driving hazards such as darkness, rain, fog, dazzling sunshine and even snow can cause mayhem even for the most experienced driver. With a little bit of special care and preparation you can reduce your risk of a breakdown or accident when you are out on the roads this winter.

A simple headlight bulb upgrade for your car to the Halfords Extreme Brilliance Bulbs for example, will shed a little more light on the road situation ahead. Up to 90% brighter than conventional headlight bulbs, the Extreme Brilliance range is suitable for 93% of vehicles on the road and is priced from just £19.99. The range is also currently on buy one get one free offer, meaning you can replace your bulb set for half the price.

If you would like further tips on winter motoring, visit the Halfords advice centre atwww.halfords.com. For the latest information on the roads, visitwww.highways.gov.uk.

Shop in store, buy on-line, or use the Reserve & Collect service to reserve products on line atwww.halfords.com, the UK’s most popular leisure website. For details of your nearest store telephone 08457 626625 or visitwww.halfords.comfor more information.

To make sure you don’t get caught out this winter, follow Halfords advice to help you stay safe and breakdown free this winter:


Check all tyres for condition, pressure and tread depth. It is recommended that you have at least 3mm of tread for winter motoring. The minimum legal limit is 1.6mm over ¾ of the width of the tyre. You should inflate tyres to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.


Check that all bulbs are working. Brake lights, fog lights, main beam and indicators are all as important as your headlights. Something as simple as a Quick Reaction high intensity rear bulb illuminates faster for greater safety. QR Brake lights can give up to 3m more stopping distance based on travelling speeds of 62mph and means drivers behind can react up to 50% quicker. What’s more, Halfords can also fit your new bulbs for you with fitting services starting at just £3.99. Also consider carrying a spare bulb kit for your car, from as little as £6.99. It is a legal requirement in countries such as France and is a really good idea.


Through the winter month’s dazzle from the low sun can be a particular issue and with the additional problem of dirt, rain and snow causing reduced vision. Improve visibility significantly by ensuring the windscreen is clean inside and out, check windscreen wipers are fully functioning and replace if necessary, and ensure your windscreen, windows and mirrors are clear of snow, ice and steam. Make sure you have screen wash in your washer bottle as bright sunshine really makes for poor visibility. Check in-store for details of promotions.


Lights, heaters and windscreen wipers put high demands on the car battery, especially if the car is driven mainly in dark rush-hour trips. Get your battery checked at Halfords as part of the free Five Point Car Health Check being offered and keep your car on the move this winter. Batteries are available from Halfords from as little as £39.99 and are all fully charged and ready to fit. From only £4.99, Halfords can fit it for you, to save you the hassle.

Expect the unexpected and stay alert

No matter what precautions you take, driving in the dark reduces visibility and requires more concentration. Ensure you are fit to drive and are not distracted by other passengers or a mobile phone. Stay alert and if you are driving long distances make sure you take breaks, pulling over in safe areas. Consider your route before travelling and check local and regional weather forecasts and traffic news.