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SAVE 15% on Emergency Car Kits from SurvivalBox.co.uk


SAVE 15% on Emergency Car Kits from SurvivalBox.co.uk

Winter is upon us and with it come difficult driving conditions. Snow, ice, fog and rain make driving conditions hazardous.

As part of our Road Sense campaign, Carrentals.co.uk has teamed up with SurvivalBox to offer a fantastic saving of 15% on their emergency car kits to help keep you safe this winter.


SurvivalBox was founded in 2002 to provide emergency protection and evacuation equipment to help keep individuals safe. Demand for SurvivalBox products has increased over the last few years as a growing number of people seek to find effective ways of protecting themselves while travelling.

For more information visit:www.survivalbox.co.uk


SurvivalBox is offering a 15% discount for all Carrentals.co.uk customers on its top selling emergency kits.

A basic requirement for every car or van is available from only £12.99 – minus the 15% discount. This pack has in it the minimum you should keep with you. It contains items to keep in the heat, provides food and water and also provides light. Pack 2 and 3 increase the safety and security features of the kits to ensure that you are protected against any eventuality. All prices below are shown without your discount. Offer is valid until the end of April 2008.

Pack 1. £12.99 – 15% discount

  • A light stick (which provides light for up to 12 hours). This works by bending the plastic tube so that the chemicals inside it mix to produce light. These are available in Green, Red and Yellow - please specify if you have a preference.
  • Hi-visibility yellow sleeveless jacket with reflective strip. Now a legal requirement in most continental countries.
  • Lightweight foil blanket to retain warmth.
  • Pack of high-energy food to keep you nourished.
  • Two packs of long-life water (each 125ml) to drink.
  • Ice scraper

Pack 2. £49.99 – 15% discount

  • Pack 1 plus:
  • Two additional packs of water
  • Lightweight LED torch
  • Compact sleeping bag (which is 215 x 90cm and provides personal protection from rain, wind, heat, and cold).
  • Very loud orange whistle, which emits the two-tone distress call
  • Wind and waterproof matches (for outdoor use only!).
  • Pack of cards and heater pads.
  • First Aid Kit.

Pack 3. £99.99 – 15% discount

  • Pack 2 plus:
  • An additional sleeping bag
  • Two self-heating meals (these require no external heat source and can be eaten from the tin)
  • Wind-up Radio which does not require batteries
  • Folding spade
  • Multi-function pocket knife.

To take advantage of these great savings visitwww.survivalbox.co.ukand quote CPR as the discount code.