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SAVE 10% on Winter car kits from SurvivalBox.co.uk


SAVE 10% on Winter car kits from SurvivalBox.co.uk

Winter is upon us and with it come difficult driving conditions. Snow, ice, fog and rain make driving conditions hazardous. The AA, RAC and other motoring organisations all recommend a number of measures to ensure that driving during the winter is as safe as possible.

As part of our Road Sense campaign, carrentals.co.uk has teamed up with SurvivalBox to offer a fantastic saving of 10% on their Winter car kits. These ready to use kits offer a selection of practical items that can be stored in your car and used if the need arises. The kits are designed for use in cold weather, but can also be used during the long hot summer which (we hope) will arrive soon!


SurvivalBox was founded in 2002 to provide emergency protection and evacuation equipment to companies, their staff and individuals.

Demand for SurvivalBox products has increased as customers seek to find sensible and appropriate ways of protecting themselves and their staff from the increasing threats inherent in travelling and working in the world’s major cities.

As well as providing Winter Car Kits, SurvivalBox also specialises in providing bespoke emergency kit packages which meet the specific and different requirements of each customer.

For more information visit www.survivalbox.co.uk


Basic Kit — normal price £6.25 — now £5.63

  • 1 Light stick
  • 2 Lightweight Blankets
  • High-Energy Food Packs
  • 2 Water Packs
  • Ice scraper
  • Antiseptic wipes

Intermediate Kit — normal price £39.99 — now £35.45

Includes the basic kit plus:

  • 4 Water Packs
  • Torch
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Whistle
  • Matches
  • Pack of Cards
  • Heater Pads
  • Hand Sanitizer

Deluxe Kit — normal price £99.99 — now £89.31

Contains everything you would need if you were to get stranded in the snow, whether you are in the Highlands of Scotland or the M11! As the Intermediate kit plus:

  • 2 Sleeping Bags
  • 2 Self-Heating Meals
  • Wind-up Radio
  • Spade
  • Pocket Knife
  • Gravel

To take advantage of these great savings visit www.survivalbox.co.uk and quote CPR as a coupon code.