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Would you Hire your Car to a Stranger? Most Brits say No Way


New poll finds 97% of car owners would not offer their vehicle for peer-to-peer rental schemes, despite the opportunity to earn extra income

A recent poll conducted by www.carrentals.co.uk revealed that nearly all British car owners would not hire their personal vehicles to strangers, despite the opportunity to earn upwards of £250 per month according to several leading car rental marketplaces.

The peer-to-peer rental market is widespread across parts of the US, Canada and Europe, resulting in a number of UK companies attempting to capitalise on the trend, with services such as easyCar Club launching in the last twelve months. By enabling car owners to rent out their own vehicles, service providers are hoping to emulate the success of other peer-to-peer offerings such as airbnb (which lets homeowners rent out rooms) and ParkatmyHouse (driveway rental).

However, in a poll of over 1000 people, an overwhelming 97% of respondents said they would not hire their car to a stranger, casting doubt over the growth of these rental schemes. While reasons behind the negative opinion are unclear, Gareth Robinson, managing director of Carrentals.co.uk thinks factors such as the risk of vehicle damage and implications for insurance policies are contributing to the outcome.

Robinson said: “With such a large percentage of car owners opposed to the idea of renting out their vehicles, it’s clear that the concept of peer-to-peer car hire is not seen as an attractive money-making solution. One of the biggest issues is the implications for car insurance; if a person crashes your car, then your premium could increase. And what about other problems such as traffic offences, fines or parking tickets? If the service is not managed correctly, then there are a number of potential risks for both the car owner and the business.”