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Carrentals.co.uk Issues Foreign Driving Laws Warning Ahead of Ski Season


Carrentals.co.uk Issues Foreign Driving Laws Warning Ahead of Ski Season

Car hire comparator advises skiers to brush up on rules of the road abroad

Car hire comparison website Carrentals.co.uk is advising skiers to familiarise themselves with driving laws abroad before they hit the slopes this winter. With the ski season almost upon us, many winter sport enthusiasts risk flouting the driving laws of the country where they are holidaying.

Car hire is popular among skiers and snowboarders as it makes it easier to travel between their accommodation and ski resort, and allows them to explore the beautiful areas where they're staying. While winter sports enthusiasts are familiar with the need for things like winter tyres, snow chains and ski roof racks, they are not so familiar with the driving laws that exist in different countries

Gareth Robinson, Managing Director of Carrentals.co.uk, says: "When going on a ski holiday drivers need to be well prepared, not only for the potentially hazardous driving conditions, but also for different driving laws that vary from country to country. Knowing the rules of the road before you travel will help to prevent the risk of receiving a heavy fine, or having an incident that may cause your holiday to go downhill."

Here are some of the laws that drivers should be aware of in certain popular skiing destinations

  • Italy - It is compulsory to park in the direction of traffic when you're parking at the side of a road. Drivers must also carry a spare pair of glasses if they're needed for driving.
  • France - It is a requirement to carry a breathalyser kit, and you can be fined up to €1,200 for using a satnav with speed camera alerts.
  • Switzerland - Use of headlights during the day is compulsory in Switerland, as well as Scandinavian countries. If you hire a car in these countries, the car should be fitted with automatic daytime lamps.
  • Canada - Children under the age of 12 must always sit in the back of the car, and depending on their height, be supported by a booster seat.

In addition to these specific laws, drivers should check the rules surrounding winter tyres and snow chains. These items are in high demand during the ski season, so Carrentals.co.uk advises travellers to work out what they need ahead of their trip and book early.

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