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  5. Decline in child car seat availability hits families hiring holiday cars abroad

Decline in child car seat availability hits families hiring holiday cars abroad


Decline in child car seat availability hits families hiring holiday cars abroad

The school summer holidays are in full swing and the next few weeks are the busiest of the year for families jetting off abroad. This increase has resulted in a significant shortage of children’s car sets and booster seats from car hire suppliers abroad. The equipment is compulsory by law in all EU countries, so those hiring a car this summer with young children need to have the seats secured, or know what they can do if they don't.

As with many car hire extras, the only way to guarantee availability is to pre-book the equipment you need when you book the vehicle. The extras have to be paid for locally but can guarantee availability for you on arrival, unless your supplier has contacted you and informed you otherwise.

Those families that are booking car hire at the last minute may find that they aren’t able to pre-book during the busy periods. Car hire comparison website www.Carrentals.co.uk commented, “Many people are under the misconception that if child seats are compulsory by law in a country then they must be supplied by the car hire supplier to comply, but this is not the case. It is your responsibility to secure the seats required for children. A rental company can simply tell you that they don’t have any, and you will find yourself in a dilemma at the car hire desk. We are already getting calls from families affected by this issue.”

Travellers who can’t secure child or toddler seats through their supplier, or don’t want to pay for rentals must take their own. Families can transport car seats depending on their airline’s policy. Some airlines allow car seats in addition to luggage allowance free of charge, others will take them at a charge, but some, particularly in busy periods when they are at full capacity, can refuse to take them. Contact your airline to find out their exact policy and charges. For older children that only require a booster seat, travel booster seats are available that can fit into suitcases and hand luggage.

www.Carrentals.co.uk added: “We urge holidaymakers to book everything early as it will save a lot of stress.Try to book car hire ahead of your trip and include your extras when booking - by doing this you can guarantee availability, even during the busiest travel periods.