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Wills' Tour of Duty to Boost Tourism


The Falkland Islands are anticipating a tourism boost after news that Prince William is to embark on a six-week-long tour of duty there next year emerged. William, currently an RAF Search and Rescue pilot, will arrive in February, and is one of a four-man-crew that will be stationed in the Southern Atlantic islands.

The Duke of Cambridge's deployment comes just a month before 2 April - the 30th anniversary of the Argentinean invasion of the British colony. The tourist board in the Falklands is said to have experienced an increase of 200 per cent in the amount of visitors to the official website it maintains after news of the deployment emerged. Travelbite.co.uk's general manager Mr Paul Trowell commented that the royal news means global publicity has been created for the Falklands, which is an exciting development.

Trowell expects the Duke's visit to help boost the country's profile and a rise in arrivals from UK tourists is expected. The Falklands is made up of over 740 islands, which are located roughly 400 miles from the South America's southeastern tip and some 8,000 miles from Britain – although the weather is reported to be quite similar with more sunshine and a lot less rain.