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Viking River Cruises to Start Offering Ocean Cruises


The travel industry has changed, and companies have to find ways to change with it. According to reports, that is just what Viking River Cruises has chosen to do. This river cruise company is now going to offer ocean cruises as well.

Viking River Cruises is creating a new branch called Viking Ocean Cruises. Not only that, but this company already has its first ship with the ability to do ocean cruises. It is called the Viking Star, and its first voyage will be in May of 2015.

The Viking Star is big enough to carry over 920 passengers. This first cruise ship is aimed primarily at the luxury and premium cruise sector. If this new venture proves to be very profitable, the company will continue to expand it. This will include the addition of ships that are geared more towards the budget cruises industry.

Some people may not be shocked by this news at all. In fact, Viking River Cruises has enjoyed a lot of expansion over the past few years. During this time it has introduced 10 new ships into its line-up. It also announced that it has 14 more ships that are being built. These river boats will be ready by 2014.

Torstein Hagen, who is the chairman of Viking Cruises, said that the company's plans will be a huge push to answer the ocean cruise industry. Viking wants to enter the race to build the world's biggest ships. It has noticed that many cruise lines have already lost sight of why people love cruises. Viking would like to get that back. It wants to sail people to many different destinations all over the world, and it wants to do that in style. With these new ocean cruises, the company is going to apply the same principles it has incorporated into its river cruises. Viking Cruises wants to be the best of the best.

Although the Viking Star is not fully complete yet, the company already knows what it wants the feel of the ship to be. It wants it to be a lot simpler in design than current cruise ships. That being said, it also wants it to have a contemporary feel. According to Viking Cruises, the ship is going to have five state room categories. Each category will offer different features. For example, some will have great showers, some will have king beds and some may have balconies.

As with other cruise ships, the Viking Star will have its own pools on board. This will include an infinity pool. There will also be two other pools, one of which will have a glass wall that overlooks the stern of the ship. The ship will also have a snow grotto in its spa. The company came up with this because of its Nordic heritage. Here people can see snowflakes descending from the ceiling. The air in this room will be extremely chilled. It will be perfect for people who are looking to cool off after being in the sauna.