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US Travel Association CEO says inbound tourist numbers are dropping


The head of the US Travel Association has issued a warning stating the nation is losing favour with international tourists. CEO Roger Dow told an audience at a US travel seminar last week the stricter immigration requirements for the nation were having a negative impact.

Mr Dow was commenting on just released figures from the World Tourism Organization which showed the US's market share for long-haul global tourism had plummeted by 1.7 per cent in two years. The US and Turkey were the only two countries in the world to record decreases in inbound tourism between 2015 and 2017.

He carried on by saying the percentage drop seemed like small change whereas in actual fact it was the equivalent of of a loss of US$32 billion (£24 billion) for the US Treasury. Comparing the US with countries such as China and Germany, Mr Dow noted their international visitor arrivals were up.

Continuing in the same vein, Dow explained that the US needed to be pro-travel and to bring in immigration procedures which promote this. This was seemingly a reference to the harsher visa checks and immigration arrivals processes introduced since Donald Trump took over the presidency at the beginning of last year.

Mr Dow stated that a more welcoming experience for visitors could be introduced without any impact on tight security. He finished off with the hope President Trump would give a statement saying the US wanted more leisure and business travellers, not less.