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UK sees a record number of passengers take cruises last year


Just because the economy is bad does not mean that people are not looking to take a holiday. In the UK, this apparently means that people want to take cruises. Just last year, the UK saw cruise passengers increase by 10% to a new high of 962,000. These numbers were released by the Passenger Shipping Association.

Not only that, but the UK's tourism industry saw a boost from the cruise industry as well. That is because there was an 11% increase in the number of people who were visiting the UK while on cruises last year. This is great news for the UK, which has been struggling to get its economy back on track. Tourism is always a great way to do that.

Overall, there were a total of 723,000 travellers who visited UK ports in 2012. This is a figure that nearly doubles the amount of people that visited UK ports in 2007. The ports that saw the most activity were Dover, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Despite this great news, numbers were not as high as the Passenger Shipping Association had predicted. This most likely has to do with the fact that most people believed that the economy in the UK would have bounced back a lot quicker than what it has. With so many people still unemployed, fewer people have money to take holidays.

Not only that, but the UK did not see a huge increase in passengers last year. A lot of this had to do with the fact that the year started off with the Costa Concordia cruise ship wreck. This was a disaster that happened off the coast of Italy and claimed the lives of 32 people. Needless to say, the cruise industry did not see a huge increase in passengers after that event.

That being said, the Passenger Shipping Association still believes that the cruise industry in the UK is going to continue to grow. In fact, they say that they predict UK ports will reach the one million mark this year in terms of travellers.

As far as UK travellers are concerned, they seem to really like Mediterranean trips. Out of the 1,701,000 travellers who embarked on a cruise, nearly 700,000 of them went on Mediterranean trips. This is interesting, because Northern European passengers took more cruises as well. However, they opted for more Norwegian fjords trips instead.

It should also be noted that, out of ultra-luxury cruises, which are considered top-of-the-line cruises, there was a huge 30% increase in summer sales. This means, that many of the people who had money to go on cruises, were going all out. Of course, this could have been due to the fact that many Brits had not been on holiday in a while due to the rescission, and they were ready to treat themselves.

Also, the number of people who took more than one cruise a year was up as well. Once again, this just shows that the people who could afford to take cruises were treating themselves. After all, most cruise lines count on repeat business to stay afloat.