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Travelling to Europe Center Parcs cheaper than UK staycations


Consumer advocates have revealed the shocking news holidays at Center Parcs resorts in Europe are up to 50 per cent cheaper than in the UK. British Center Parcs add insult to injury with onsite meal prices which are also around 50 per cent higher than those at High Street restaurants.

Helen Dewdney, AKA the Complaining Cow, slated rip-off Britain and said it was a scandal Center Parcs could double the cost of what were identical holidays. Which? Travel's Rory Boland was equally as critical of the resort chain and said the high cost of holidays was exacerbated by sky high meal prices.

A spokesperson for Center Parcs UK claimed Center Parcs Europe were not the same company. He also stated the two companies operated in differing markets and the UK branch formulated its pricing to cater for visitors taking short breaks. He finished off by saying the extra income from UK holidays was used to upgrade accommodation choices and resort infrastructure.

A comparison of a seven night holiday for a family of four in Europe and the UK revealed huge mark-ups. In Germany, this holiday in August comes to a little over £900 while in Belgium the price tag is just over the £1,000 mark. The same holiday, but at Woburn Forest, comes in at an eye-watering £1,938.

The advocates compared the cost of breakfasts at Café Rouge outlets at Center Parcs and those in urban locations. At the latter, £5.95 will buy you breakfast whereas at a Center Parcs eatery the price shoots up by more than half as much again to £9.50.