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Study shows drivers of damaged hire cars reluctant to take blame


A study carried out by iCarhireinsurance.com has revealed a high proportion of rental car drivers try to weasel out of accepting responsibility for any damages. Almost a quarter of drivers who returned damaged hire cars claimed they did not do it and came up with some cock and bull story like the damage was already there.

iCarhireinsurance researchers analysed data for 1,000 damage claims for 2016. Of all the claims for damage compensation processed, a full 24 per cent of claimants stated it was not their fault.

Despite the fact hire firms and renters check over rental vehicles at pick up time, many drivers asserted new damage was in fact actually pre-existing. Other not my fault excuses included somebody vandalised the vehicle while it was parked, I hit a stray animal and it was broken into.

The other 76 per cent of the claimants who confessed to being in the wrong made claims for accident damage to the vehicles' bodies and undercarriages as well as replacement windscreens and tyres. Compensation for 12 per cent of the total was for damage sustained while the vehicle was parked with assertions such as somebody bashed it with a supermarket trolley.

iCarhireinsurance CEO Ernesto Suarez says it does not matter who is at fault as the person liable for any uninsured damages to a rental car is the person who hired it. He carried on by saying hirers without damage excess insurance could be hit with repair bills as high as £2,000.