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Stranded Carnival ship leaves passengers overrun with sewage and starved for food


A luxury cruise trip has recently gone horribly wrong for the some 4,200 people on board. According to reports, conditions on the ship have gone from bad to worse after an engine fire left the vessel stranded in the Gulf of Mexico. Now passengers are doing what they can to keep from starving and running into raw sewage.

The cruise ship in question is the Carnival Triumph. After an engine fire broke out last Sunday, the vessel became stranded at sea and has been there ever since. This happened when the ship was about 150 miles off Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Not only did the fire cause the Triumph to become stranded, but it damaged its power source. Although tugboats have now reached the vessel, it is not yet known how long it will take to get the ship back to Alabama.

Carnival has been doing all it can to downplay the event, but passengers on board the ship have been using their mobile phones to take pictures and send texts about the condition of things on the inside. According to them, people on the Triumph are turning savage as supplies start to dwindle down.

To make matters worse, the ship is running out of usable toilets. Some passengers texted that toilets are overflowing onto the floors, resulting in passengers having to sleep on the deck. Not only that, but some of the lower rooms are starting to see urine and other raw sewage drip down the walls from the floors above.

For the time being, passengers are being asked to defecate in bags so that it can be disposed of. One passenger even said that they are being asked to urinate in the showers since there are only "5 working toilets". It's not known just how long the Triumph's crew can keep the 4,200 passengers on board calm.

Another huge problem is food supplies. One passenger said that food is starting to run out since the power can no longer keep things cold. Not only that, but the ship was only supposed to be out to sea for 4 days. They were serving people sandwiches with meat on them. However, the lines were extremely long, and by the time people got the meat, it was cold. Once the meat ran out, people were given bread with onions and cucumbers on it.

With power cut off on the whole ship, another problem people are dealing with is the extreme heat. There is no air conditioning on the Triumph at this point, so the rooms are becoming extremely uncomfortable. If the heat was not bad enough, the smell is said to be unbearable, and many travellers are sleeping on the deck in tents.

The good news was that no one was injured during the fire that broke out in the engine room. The National Transportation Safety Board said that they are opening up a full investigation once the Triumph returns to shore to find out just what caused this event.

The cruise line has promised to offer people a full refund of their money. On top of that, they are willing to give people a discount on future cruises. However, most passengers have already admitted that they are unlikely to use such an offer after the experience they have had.