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Severe delays to Monday morning Tube lines hit commuters


Yet another Black Monday struck London commuters as four lines were either suspended or crippled during the peak period.

Hundreds of thousands of commuters again had their journeys to work disrupted during the morning rush hour as failures on the Circle, Hammersmith and City, Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines forced travellers onto already packed alternative Tube services. The chaos followed a London-wide shutdown of the majority of the network to allow engineering work over the weekend.

Just as peak period travel was hitting its most crowded time, a major signal failure at Aldgate knocked out the entire outer Circle Line, suspending it clockwise. The Metropolitan line came to a halt between Aldgate and Baker Street and no trains were able to operate on the Hammersmith and City line between Barking and Moorgate.

Meanwhile, a broken down engineers' train at Park Royal, left over from the weekend's work, caused severe delays on the Piccadilly line and, to top it all, the Central line experienced delays because of two passengers taken ill on platforms, with one needing resuscitation by emergency medics.

With only the Northern and Bakerloo lines unaffected, RTM leader Bob Crow stated the chaos was a direct result of spending cuts imposed by the government combining with the entire system's 'creaking infrastructure' to bring London to its knees. After the rush hour ended, trains on all lines began running again, but with severe delays.

A Transport for London spokesman stated a 'good'service' had been operating on the 'majority of lines', adding the signal problems at Aldgate had been dealt with quickly.