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Record breaking temperatures to warm up much of the UK


Predicted maximum temperatures today could see the bank holiday scoop a place in the record books. A forecast released by the Met Office shows the high of 28°C in the southern half of England will be the highest ever since the May bank holiday was inaugurated back in 1978.

The record temperature for the actual bank holiday Monday was set in 1999 when the thermometer climbed to 23.6°C. Taking the whole May bank holiday weekend into account, the highest temperature recorded was 28.6°C on the Saturday in 1995.

The Met Office's Charlie Powell says that while the mercury will hit 28°C, the whole of the UK will not sizzle in the heatwave. He explained the predicted maximum will likely be restricted to the east of England from East Anglia across to the Midlands and down to Kent and Sussex.

The forecaster carried on by saying other parts of England and Wales would see temperatures with averages somewhere in the lower twenties. Yesterday saw parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland register the warmest days of 2018 while a high of 26.3°C at London Heathrow Airport was a fortuitous omen for today's record breaker.

The arrival of warmer weather in time for the start of the bank holiday weekend brought with it the usual problems on roads and public transport. The A47 in Cambridgeshire was closed yesterday while police dealt with an accident.

Drivers on other roads leading to seaside towns reported long tailbacks of traffic. On the railways, Southern Rail failed to lay on enough buses to transport passengers on routes closed because of engineering work to the south of London Gatwick Airport.