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Plagiarism Case Against JK Rowling Falls Flat


Whenever people are on top, there is always someone out there that wants to bring them down. Well this just so happens to be the case for JK Rowling. Just recently she was accused of plagiarism. Reports go on to show that she was accused of lifting parts for one of her Harry Potter books from another author.

Paul Allen, who is now the estate holder of the late author Adrian Jacobs, has been claiming for a long time that JK Rowling's book, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," uses parts from one of Adrian Jacobs's books called, "The Adventures of Willy The Wizard.

Whether or not Paul Allen is right, the world may never know. This is because the Court of Appeal ordered the estate to pay some £1.5 million in security for court costs, but since no payment was ever made, the claims have now been dismissed. Pretty much, Paul Allen had his "get rich quick scheme" shot down before it ever got started.

This brings a very bitter end to Paul Allen's 7-year attempt to cash in on JK Rowling's success. However, most experts seem to agree that, even if this would have went to court, it looked very slim that Paul would have been able to win out over Rowling and her publisher Bloomsbury. When people factor in just how much money Rowling has, she could have dragged this through the courts forever.

However, a solicitor for Bloomsbury, David Hooper, said that this whole thing was nothing more than a scandal. He said that it was absolutely a ludicrous case. Even Rowling herself has described the case as "unfounded and absurd." She went on to say that she means no disrespect to the late author, but she had never even heard of that book until the claims were launched in 2004.

A solicitor for Rolwing, Gideon Benaim, said that an enormous amount of time has been completely wasted defending against this claim. It was pretty obvious from the start that this case had no chance at all of success. Overall, everyone is just glad that it is all over.

As said earlier, the court had asked Jacbos to make a payment to the courts. He was to pay 65 percent of the costs faced by Rowling and Bloomsbury. The very first payment that was due, back in April, was delayed because Jacobs's estate appealed against this decision. However, just last Thursday the Court of Appeal rejected this appeal and Mr Allen had 24 hours to pay the money.

Of course, Mr Allen had tried this same thing in the United States when he brought the same case against Rowling and her United States publisher Scholastic. This case was also rejected earlier this year.