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Pictures of photoshopped Vietnam hotel infinity pool go viral


Misleading Booking.com photographs of a Vietnam hotel's infinity swimming pool have gone viral. Brit Jenny Kershaw booked a room at the Mari Gold Hotel in Da Nang through Booking.com in the belief there was a decent sized infinity swimming pool on the roof.

After checking in, the Manchester holidaymaker discovered that the claimed infinity pool was literally not big enough to swing a cat in. From the images posted up on Twitter it seemed like the person who had taken the original picture had either photoshopped or artfully positioned it to make it seem far bigger.

Ms Kershaw added a caption to the tweet noting that reality did not correspond to the Booking.com image in any way. Booking.com was pretty fast in responding and told her to contact the Customer Support team and upload her actual images of the so-called infinity pool.

In a posted response, Ms Kershaw explained she did not want to make a big deal out of it and thought it was somewhat funny. She added as a postscript that Booking.com had amended the original images so they were more realistic.

While Booking.com might have amended the faux pas, the online community is not about to let the matter go anywhere near so easily. The Twitter post has been liked and commented on by multiple users.

Comments such as it's a bathtub, it looks a bit murky and the ladder is so narrow the word welcome does not fit in its entirety have been posted. Others were quick to relate similar experiences in which gallery images on Booking.com webpages were totally divorced from reality.