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Orion Span floats plan to open prototype astral space hotel


Fledgling US high-tech firm Orion Span has revealed it plans to launch the universe's first space hotel. If the proposal is realised, humans with a bit of cash to spare could be floating through space aboard the Aurora Station in as little as four years from today.

Orion says the Aurora spaceship should be ready to launch in 2021 and the hotel will be welcoming its first guests a year later. While the Aurora is already in the early stages of construction, the project may hinge on Orion finding the right flight team and hotelier combo to enable it to get off the ground.

Orion's founding partner and CEO is Frank Bunger. He released a press statement claiming the Aurora experience would be a million light years beyond the standard beach holiday. He continued by saying outer space odysseys would provide the genuine astronaut experience the likes of Neil Armstrong had enjoyed many moons ago.

Mr Bunger explained Orion Span's space voyage training programme had been cut down to three months instead of the usual two-year ones astronauts had taken in the past. The tuition is a mix of live, online and hands-on aboard the Aurora and leads to the official Orion Span Astronaut Certificate.

Even millionaires will have to start saving now if Orion Span's preliminary prices are finalised. A 12-day stay at the Aurora Station will cost a cool US$9.5 million (£6.7 million) a person. The hefty price tag comes with exclusivity as the boutique hotel will only be able to accommodate four paying guests per trip.