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Nintendo 3DS Catches Big Break as PlayStation Vita Misses Holiday Launch


In the world of hand-helds, Nintendo is king. It has been this way ever since the GameBoy first came out many moons ago. This is not because Nintendo has always had the most powerful system. In fact, Nintendo typically finds their systems underpowered, but they know what the consumer wants.

Well the recent war that is about to kick off is going to be between the Nintendo 3DS and the Sony Vita. Once again, Sony has Nintendo out powered. Not only that but Sony shocked everyone when they announced that the price of the Vita is going to be $249.99, which at the time, was the same as the 3DS. However, it now seems that little things are starting to swing in Nintendo's favor, which could once again give them the upperhand.

Most recently was the announcement that Vita will not be hitting North America or Europe in time for the holiday season. In a recent interview with the Sony v p Kaz Hirai, he said that they have no plans of releasing the Vita in North America or Europe this year. Most likely it will hit their early in 2012. However, Japan will see the launch of the system.

Alright so what does this mean for Nintendo? Well it means that the "Big N" now has more time to build up a user base before Sony's Vita ever sees the light of day in Europe or North America. Not only that, but it means that the 3DS is going to go pretty much unchallenged in stores this holiday season, which just so happens to be one of the best-selling periods for the video game industry.

However, that is not the only good news for Nintendo. Not only will Nintendo go unmatched during this holiday season, but the 3DS has a very strong line-up of games to finish up the year. Some of these could prove to be "system sellers" like Mario Kart 3DS, Super Mario 3DS, and Star Fox 3DS.

On top of that, Nintendo has also recently announced a huge price cut. Before the end of August, people will be able to get their hands on a brand new Nintendo 3DS for only $169.99. This is an $80 drop from its current price of $249.99. With a cheaper price tag, a better line up of games, and the fact that it will be the only new hand-held on store shelves this winter, Nintendo finds itself in prime position to sell a lot of units.

That being said, Sony could once again find itself between a rock and a hard spot once they finally do get their system over in Europe and North America. Their Wi-Fi only system will launch with the price point of $249.99 (3G version to cost more). This was a price point that was supposed to go toe-to-toe with Nintendo. Now, with Nintendo's $80 price drop, Sony once again finds itself with the most costly system. With people looking to save money, the 3DS continues to look like the better deal. Not to even mention the fact that the 3DS will have a great line-up of games already established by the time Vita hits the states.