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Motorway lessons now an option for UK learner drivers


A new law enacted in the UK last Monday allows learner drivers to take lessons on the nation's motorways. For the the first time since the inauguration of Britain's original motorway back in the late 1950s, cars with L plates are legally permitted to be driven on the still expanding network.

The new law is applicable to all motorways in Scotland, England and Wales. Certain stipulations apply to learner drivers on motorways. The most important thing is that the learner must be in a registered driving instructor's car and this has to be a dual-control one.

The second key requirement is that the instructor must decide whether the learner is capable of handling motorway driving and the higher speeds on them. Unless the instructor gives the green light, the learner is barred from taking parts of lessons on motorways.

Commenting on the law change, governmental road and transport spokesperson Jesse Norman said motorway lessons under the watchful eye of road safety professionals would better prepare learners for post test motorway driving. He added a postscript saying that although the UK's road's were the planet's safest, a lot of drivers, in particular younger ones, were killed in accidents on them.

The AA has previously carried out surveys which showed eight per cent of newly qualified drivers stayed away from motorways for six months or more. AA director Edmund King noted the law change addressed the anomaly of learner drivers being banned from motorways yet they could then drive on one the minute they passed their tests.