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Met Office forecasts more isolated storms for Bank Holiday Monday


The Met Office forecast issued yesterday showed there was a likelihood of more storms across the southern half of the UK today. The Met Office released a Yellow Warning for last night and noted storms were still expected today but to a lesser extent than yesterday.

The areas affected are in the region south of a line across from North Wales to the Midlands and East Anglia. The Met Office's Yellow Warning means flash floods are a possibility and there might also be strong winds, lightning and damage to buildings.

The weather alert was updated yesterday to reflect the fact Cornwall had been taken off Yellow Warning status. The weather is due to brighten up around lunchtime today and the sun is expected to make an appearance with temperature highs of 25°C.

The northern half of England is expected to be warm and sunny for much of today. The outlook for the remainder of the week will see sporadic thunderstorms edge their way north day by day, but will probably not reach Scotland. The eastern coasts of the UK are expected to be cooler than inland regions for the rest of the week.

According to the BBC, isolated storms have brought heavy rain and lightning storms. In a four-hour period on Saturday night, 15,000 lighting strikes were registered while three centimetres of rain fell in one area in just one hour. Lightning hit a house in Essex and started a fire. At Stansted Airport, lightning temporarily wiped out the whole aircraft refuelling system.