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Medieval castle hotel at Legoland California welcomes first guests


The recent opening of a castle themed hotel at the Legoland California Resort has increased entertainment choices for visitors. The Legoland Castle Hotel in Carlsbad boasts a fantasy medieval décor and a choice of three exciting and unique room options.

Guests get to pre-book rooms focussed on wizards, fairy-tale princesses, and knights and dragons. In total, the hotel has 250 rooms and these are all kid-friendly with features like segregated adult and child quarters, Milky Way night lighting, Toto toilets with water-saving technology and steps to reach the washbasins.

As is to be expected, the Castle Hotel is loaded up with Lego oriented attractions. A lawn has been equipped with an al fresco cinema with frequent films and shorts on Lego and various cartoon characters. The hotel's pool for toddlers and kids has oversized Lego bricks to play with. There is a playground with the requisite number of slides and swings.

A delight at the Castle Hotel is a collection of 2,000 models built out of Lego bricks. These are all themed on legendary fantasy figures from the Middle Ages. The Royal Statue is literally the jewel in the crown and was constructed from more than a quarter of a million bricks.

The fun begins at check in for young guests with a treasure hunt which sends them off on an exploration of the hotel and its amenities. Interactive questions are designed to get the young explorers thinking and come with a prize which will unlock a magic Lego souvenir in their rooms.