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Maldives Conrad Resort to float underwater guest suite


A luxury hotel resort in the Maldives archipelago has announced the addition of a pioneering underwater guest suite. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island will inaugurate the Muraka residence at an as yet unspecified date towards the end of this year.

The lower level of the Muraka will be sunk to a depth of five metres under the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. The underwater section is a kind of aquarium tunnel and will feature a bedroom replete with full amenities, a lounge zone and bathroom.

The bed will be positioned so that the first sight for guests after waking is the sight of the myriad undersea denizens the Maldives are famed for. The upper and lower levels of the suite will be linked by a space reducing spiral staircase.

Although above sea level, the upper deck is the epitome of style and elegance. A highlight of the attractions is an outsized tub positioned so that bathers are able to wallow while taking in magnificent sunset views.

The upper level will incorporate a sundeck, a gym, a kitchen, a bar, a living room, a secondary bedroom plus space for bodyguards and butlers too. The sundeck is also sunset facing. There is another deck nearby from which those who get up early enough will be able to enjoy sunrise.

A Conrad representative claimed the Muraka will be the planet's first submerged hotel suite. The Muraka continues a tradition begun more than a decade ago and to when the Conrad opened the Ithaa, the world's inaugural underwater gourmet restaurant.