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Liz & Dick producers pay Lohan's Chateau Marmont bill


At the end of July, Lindsay Lohan was kicked out of and banned from the Chateau Marmont Hotel after overstaying her welcome (so to speak). She had stayed at the hotel for 47 days between June and July while she filmed Liz & Dick, in which she portrays Elizabeth Taylor, and racked up a bill of $46,350.04. The hotel manager was forced to evict and ban her after she failed to pay the sum. However, in the last week she has been seen at the hotel again – after the producers for Liz & Dick reportedly paid the bill, like she had always expected them to.

However, media sources say that the producers didn't make the gesture on their own. It's understood that they would only agree to pay the overdue bill if Lohan would do a one-on-one interview with Barbara Walters to promote the Lifetime film.

An insider close to Lohan says that part of the actress's contract for Liz & Dick was that she didn't have to do any press for the movie's promotion before it goes on the air on 25 November in the US. However, the producers said they would be more than happy to pay for her Chateau Marmont tab when she made the request, but they wanted her to agree to a promotional interview in exchange. Lohan wasn't very happy about having to do the interview, as there are no guidelines about what Walters can and can't ask her. It's even expected that the actress will be grilled about her personal life, fight with her mum and recent arrest. However, she realises she was in a hard spot and agreed.

The source added that, although Lohan agreed to do the interview so her hotel bill would be paid off, the production company is who chose Barbara Walters. The interview will take place with the producers present. Walters is said to have agreed to keep Lohan's personal life from taking over the interview and instead dig into her role as Elizabeth Taylor more.

While this source claims that the producers had the upper hand in this decision, another insider says the situation was quite the opposite. They are cited saying that Lohan had the producers "over the barrel" when she demanded they clear up the hotel bill.

Meanwhile, Lohan's mother has reportedly been pushing her daughter to get a permanent protective order against her father, but she has blown the request off. Dina Lohan is asking for the order so Michael Lohan will be banned from calling, texting or communicating with the actress for the foreseeable future. However, Michael tells journalists that he knows about the request, Lindsay doesn't want to do it and he just wants the matter to end.

This news followed a fight between Lohan and her mother being reportedly leaked to press by Michael. The actress can be heard calling her mother the "f***ing devil" and saying her mum was on cocaine. When she found out the conversation had been recorded and leaked, she said she doesn't have any reason to speak to her father. She added that her mother wasn't on cocaine – that was just an untruthful and hurtful lie.