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Kampgrounds of America study says the number of campers is soaring


In an annual report, Kampgrounds of America (KOA) says the amount of people taking camping holidays in the US and Canada has increased dramatically. In the 2018 edition of the North American Camping Report, the figures reveal six million more families have gravitated to holidays under the stars in the past five years.

The figures also reveal a two-thirds rise in the number of Americans and Canadians who go camping at least three times annually. They also show citizens of all races and ethnic backgrounds are jumping on the bandwagon of camping holidays.

KOA attributes the trend to the easy availability of information about camping and worthwhile destinations from the internet and other media outlets. This accessibility plus first-hand accounts of camping experiences are fuelling the number of new campers as they have all the details needed to try being New Age campers themselves.

KOA president Toby O'Rourke noted that camping was a social and interactive pastime and prospective campers were getting info and even borrowing the necessary gear from seasoned campers. He explained sociability was a driving force in breaking down barriers and encouraging interactions between campers of all social spheres.

Although tents are still the preferred camp site option, cabins, motorhomes (RVs) and caravans all featured as alternatives in the 2018 report. The number of people who chose tents for their camping holidays topped the 60 per cent mark. RVs are making inroads and were the vehicle of choice for 24 per cent of the campers.