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Justin Bieber's London meltdown escalates as he tries to attack a photographer outside his hotel


Being in the spotlight all the time can cause a lot of stress on people. This is something that singer Justin Bieber is finding out first-hand. Bieber has found himself in the news a lot for his odd behaviour in London. Now things have gone from bad to worse after he attempted to attack a photographer outside his London hotel.

This past week has been very controversial for Bieber. In fact, many industry experts have called these recent events "Bieber's meltdown week". Everything ended with a bang when a member of the media, taking photos of the singer leaving the Langham Hotel, started calling Bieber names.

Apparently the singer bumped into the photographer in the dash to his getaway van. Instead of letting it roll off his shoulder, Bieber figured it would be better to simply launch himself at the photographer while screaming F-bombs.

Footage taken of the incident shows Bieber leaving his hotel with his bodyguards. While entering his vehicle, one photographer off screen says that Bieber bummed into him. He then starts saying, "Easy man. That's assault," and calling Bieber a "f***ing moron". After hearing this, Bieber jumped out of the vehicle to make his feelings known.

The video going around the internet shows Bieber jumping out of the car and yelling such things as: "What the f*** you say?" and "I'll f***ing beat the f** out of you man!" When saying this, Bieber launched himself at the photographer. Only to fuel Bieber's rage, the photographer started to scream for Bieber to "lose the bouncer". At this point the bouncer pushed Bieber back into the vehicle.

Later, Bieber tried to make up for all of it by explaining himself on his Twitter page. He said that he had a rough morning, and he let the photographer get the best of him. He went on to say that sometimes this happens when people are always shoving cameras in your face and yelling bad things. In the end, he caved in, because he's only human.

Despite what Bieber said, this is not the first time that he has lashed out at paparazzi. In fact, just last year he assaulted a photographer that was standing in front of his car and refusing to move. The photographer was trying to get pictures of Bieber with his then-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

This just adds even more insult to injury. After all, Bieber's London tour has been less than great. Just a few days ago, he was forced to say he was sorry after keeping his fans waiting for more than two hours for a gig. Of course, Bieber said that this wait was due to technical difficulties outside of his control.

On top of that, last week he was seen walking around the streets of London wearing a gas mask. He later went onto his Twitter page to tell people not to "judge him". All of this adds up to the young star being under way too much stress. It's possible that he may not be able to handle all the success that he has achieved.