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Iceland WOW Air introduces cheap UK to India fares


Icelandic airline WOW Air has announced the launch of a new combo-route giving cheap fares between the UK and India. One-way fares beginning at £149 will enable travellers to fly between London Gatwick Airport and the Indian mega-city of Delhi from December onwards.

Although a quick look at the WOW travel planner shows cheap December flights are mostly sold out already there is plenty of availability between January and March. The service has two main drawbacks. These are longer flight times and the amount of time spent transiting at Reykjavik Keflavik Airport in Iceland.

Direct London to Delhi flights average nine hours in duration. In comparison, passengers will spend more than 13 hours in the air when flying with WOW. Transit time in Reykjavik is either 12 or 22 hours and this gives total travelling times of 25 or 35 hours.

Tickets are already on sale and a WOW spokesperson notes the low-cost fares are likely to provide a major enticement for the adventurous to travel. Another incentive could be WOW's Stopover Iceland promotion which promises two destinations instead of one.

WOW's Reykjavik to Delhi flights will take to the skies on the 6 December 2018. The frequency is three times a week in each direction, but this will increase to five a week in the New Year.

WOW's Basic lead-in fares are no-frills and allow passengers just one article of carry-on baggage. Passengers who want to carry more luggage will have to pay extra for the privilege. WOW Premium is the deluxe version and comes with a price tag of £597.99.