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Hungary police force detains opposition MPs


Hungarian police yesterday broke up a demonstration from green liberal opposition MPs that chained themselves together as they gathered outside parliament.

Over twenty five activists had to be detained by Budapest's police constabulary. Eleven MPs were amongst them, including ex-Socialist Prime Minister, Mr Ferenc Gyurcsany. More than anything, the opposition objects to laws on elections, taxes, and the country's central bank that are scheduled to be adopted soon in parliament.

The opposition says that the laws are to tighten the Fidesz party's current grip on power. At present, the centre-right Fidesz, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has an unrivalled two-thirds majority in Hungarian parliament. Leaving little time for any debates on proposed laws, the party used an express procedure.

Successfully, the protest delayed the parliament session from being able to start. Attila Mesterhazy, the ruler of the country's Socialist Party, was among the detained. While the politicians were released later on, many activists were left in custody overnight and are still yet to be freed.

While mostly concerned over financial issues, the LMP protesters also have concerns over Mr Orban's new election law that they believe will hand Fidesz an advantage over its rivals. Before the session started, government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs rejected opposition accusations of how Fidesz has been trampling on democratic principles.