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Helen Flanagan admits mistaking herself as an intruder when staying at a hotel


When it comes to stars trying to clean up their image, no one tries harder than Helen Flanagan. This former Coronation Street star no longer wants to be known as an airhead. However, she has a long way to go to change her public image. Unfortunately for her, the latest story she just told the media won't help her get rid of this image at all.

Flanagan said that she made a huge blunder one time when staying in a hotel. Not only did this blunder cause the police to be called, but it forced the hotel to evacuate everyone. So what was this mistake? Apparently Flanagan mistook herself for an intruder, a mistake that most people usually don't make.

When talking to the press, Flanagan said that she had the hotel staff searching for a man that did not exist. They went ahead and evacuated the whole hotel and even called the police. She told Star magazine that she remember being inside the hotel and seeing man under her bed. This completely freaked her out, and she thought she was going to die. At this point the hotel was evacuated and put on lock down.

Of course the hotel staff and the police never came across an intruder. This is because Flanagan later noticed that she had seen her reflection in a mirror in her room. However, she only noticed this after the police had checked all of the CCTV videos for the hotel. Not only that, but the police were called in.

What was Flanagan's excuse for this? She said that she just tends to do really stupid things like this from time to time. This is not the best way to start changing the way people think about her. Of course, this is not the only reason why Flanagan has been in the news as of late. In fact, the actress was recently in the news for a picture of her posing with a gun to her head.

The picture of Flanagan with the gun came out just after the school shooting massacre in the United States. If this was not bad enough, she was also seen in a picture with a leather bag as she pledged her support for animal rights. Guess the cow that was killed to make that leather bag didn't get the memo.

Despite all of this, the model/actress says that she is sick and tired of being mocked by the media. She said that everyone just wants to make her out to be some kind of brainless bimbo with big boobs. This is something that she hates, and it really hurts her. She absolutely hates it and wishes people would stop.

She is right in the fact that it is not nice to make fun of people. However, it is going to be hard to get people to stop when she is caught doing the things she does on camera. Take the hotel blunder for example. She even admitted that this was a stupid mistake. Hopefully she can start thinking her actions through a bit more, and people will respect her more for it.