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Strike Law Revision is a Last Resort


The government has stopped threatening to revise strike laws in its conflict with labor unions over pension reforms among public sector workers. Francis Maude (the Cabinet Office Minister) stated that existing laws might work well, stressing that law changes will be a last resort.

About 2 million workers, including border control staff and teachers, are expected to walk out this upcoming Wednesday. Ministers are pleading workers to accept the offered agreement, which labor unions deem unfair and lacking in clarity.

Mr Maude stated that those making the case for imposing a minimum turnout on strike ballots would feel a strengthening of hand. He explained that the biggest unions achieved between a quarter and a third in strike ballots, adding that the case for law reform will be stronger if unions proceed to call strikes on the basis of the low turnouts.

He continued that the government wants to keep these details under review but it is not the path it wants to pursue. Maude also said that the strike would cause a major blow to the economy and British citizens. There is no more money the government can offer to the unions, he said, accusing union leaders of getting ahead of themselves, urging them to rethink things.