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Government Tram Papers Blacked Out


The government of Scotland has been accused of blacking out high profile documents about the Edinburgh trams project after pages of files were released in response to a freedom of information inquest. The government agency was requested information from the Labour party explaining why its officials had been taken out from the project's management board back in 2007.

The government's response includes entire pages and, in certain cases, documents which are completely blacked out. The Labour party will now demand that the Scottish Information Commissioner give full disclosure of the requested information.

Labour MSP Kezia Dugdale called the level of secrecy "breathtaking" and demanded to know why the ministers kicked the transport experts off the project in 2007. She stated a need for complete honesty and openness about the trams project, adding that those responsible for any mistakes must take on full responsibility. She also wishes to compel witnesses to attend the hearings and to produce the full paperwork.

Labour's tram spokeswoman, Councillor Lesley Hinds, added that there are serious concerns that despite the freedom of information act, too much information is taken out. She stressed the need for a rigorous and thorough inquiry in order to ensure that the truth is told.

A spokesman for Transport Scotland said that a full explanation for the reasons to withdraw the company from the trams board was already delivered to the Parliamentary Accounts Committee last March. He added that these records are available to the public. This information has been sent to the individual who submitted this request.