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Google TV to Run Android


Many companies have been trying to bring TV and the internet together. One of the best examples of this is Google TV. According to new reports, Google TV just took a big step in the right direction. Apparently, Google has announced an Android programming tool that will work like a plug-in for their TV devices. This could really open up TVs to a world of possibilities, and bring the internet and TV just one step closer together.

As said above, many companies have been trying to make this marriage between TV and the internet a possibility. Companies like Apple, Intel, Google, and many others are all on board with this idea. By making this dream a reality, companies are creating more of an interactive experience than what TV has ever been before.

Ambarish Kenghe, a product manager for Google TV, said, with the upcoming operating system update to Honeycomb, Google TV devices are going to be Android compatible. This is a huge step forward in development, and it means that companies can now build great Android apps for TVs. The apps will be distributed through the Android Market just like current apps.

Bringing apps to TVs is a great idea, but some worry about the quality of apps that might come out. There is already a huge collection of apps that can be found on the Android Market. Many of them are free, and others people have to pay for. The ones that are free are typically littered with ads that most people are not going to want flooding their TV screen.

On that same note, the quality of apps that can be found on the Android market is not always the best. In fact, some are saying that truly great apps are becoming few and far between. People have to surf through tons of useless and pointless apps before they get to one that is worthwhile.

Either way, it is going to be hard for developers to make apps for Google TV. Typically, developers make games for phones, tablets, and other portable devices. A television, on the other hand, is not so portable. Adapting these mobile apps to non-mobile apps could prove to be harder than what some people think. One expert points out that many of the best apps on the Android market are apps that people can use on the go. Furthermore, developing apps for TVs could be hard because people often lack a keyboard and the screens are bigger. A lot of these apps that look great on the small screen are going to start to show their true color when they are blown up on the big screen.

Due to these problems, very few existing apps are going to work well on Google TV. Other apps are going to require fixes that can convert them over to be Google TV ready. Developers are going to have to make apps optimized for D-pad navigation.