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Google+ Put Down by Facebook


Apparently, well-known social-networking site Facebook is not above slinging mud at other networking sites. In fact, just recently a Facebook executive said that Google's social-networking site, Google+, lacks users and originality. Google+ is only about two-months old. Despite this fact, senior executives from Facebook have been criticizing the site. They have been saying that the site lacks appeal for both users and software developers.

The Facebook director of game partnerships, Sean Ryan, said that Google has been able to emulate some aspects of the great Facebook system. Google does have the right to do that. However, it seems that people are learning that Facebook just does all of these things better.

Ryan went on to defend his own company's revenue sharing model with game developers. He said that one of the major positive sides for game developers going to Google+ is that this has also been a downfall. Right now Facebook takes in 30 percent of revenue generated on the site. Google+ only takes in five percent. However, what some software developers fail to see is the fact that Google+ only takes five percent, because they do not have many users. He added that comparing Google+ and Facebook was like trying to compare a cup of coffee from McDonalds with a cup of coffee from Starbuck's. Sure they are both coffee, but one is clearly better than the other.

Of course, it is no wonder why Google wants to get into the social-networking market. Research shows that the casual gaming market, which seems to do well on social-networking sites, is expected to bring in some $20.3 billion by the year 2014.

In other Facebook news, it seems that the Anonymous attack on Facebook has been called off. The hacking group took to their Twitter page to end rumours once and for all. One of its members said that Operation Facebook is a no go. He then said that he wanted to clear things up by saying that Anonymous "can't take Facebook down....yet." This was nothing more than an awareness campaign, and apparently it got the job done.

For those that did not know about "Operation Facebook," famous hacking group Anonymous was supposed to destroy the social-networking site on November 5. However, some have been saying that there have been holes in the story from the start. Apparently, Anonymous was going to bring down Facebook due to its privacy policies. The hacking group said that Facebook has been selling off users' information for a long time now, and something needs to be done about it. However, others say that Anonymous was going to bring down the juggernaut to make room for their own social-networking site. Whether that is true or not has never been confirmed.