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George Clooney Hand Delivers Tequila to Hotel Cipriani in Venice


Recently George Clooney found himself in Venice to celebrate the Venice Film Festival. Of course, Clooney is not one to go to a party empty handed. In fact, he arrived at his favorite hotel in Venice, Hotel Cipriani, with five cases of his signature brand of tequila called Casamigos.

Pictures were taken of Clooney arriving to the hotel via waterway. There were also pictures of him handing off some of his cases of tequila to hotel staff members. Reports show that Hotel Cipriani will be the very first hotel in all of Europe to stock Clooney's tequila. The hotel believes that it will be a big draw for guests from all over Europe.

The tequila itself is already well known in the United States. The slogan for this tequila is, "Brought to you by those who drink it." It is no secret that Clooney enjoys good tequila from time to time. This is one reason why he co-founded Casamigos.

Clooney said that he was very excited to see that Hotel Cipriani was going to carry his tequila. He said that he often stays in this hotel whenever he is in Venice or visiting other places in Europe. It is one of his favorite hotels, and he is pleased that he could bring his signature drink to them.

According to Clooney, his tequila is named after his friend's property in Mexico. A rough translation of this name is "house of friends." In short, Clooney feels that this is a tequila that is best enjoyed with others.

Hotel Cipriani was only launched at the beginning of this year. It did not take it long to win its first award either. This year it won the Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition. This is how it made a big name for itself in the states. Now the goal is to expand on this success in other countries.

Clooney said that the whole idea behind this tequila was to make a great tasting and smooth drink. In fact, he wanted it to be the smoothest tequila available. He said that it tastes so good and goes down so smooth that its taste does not have to be covered up with salt or lime like other tequilas. People enjoy it, and that is why Casamigos has become the world's fastest-growing and most popular type of tequila. Even Oprah Winfrey named it as her favorite brand of tequila.

Clooney believes that it will not take long for this tequila to catch on in places in the UK either. He said that it uses ingredients such as cucumber peel, ginger and lime. The drink even has two drops of Angostura in it. All of this comes together to make a one of a kind taste that people do not expect from a tequila.

Although Hotel Cipriani will be the first hotel in Europe to sell this tequila, it will not be the last. Clooney hopes to expand this drink to other hotels in all parts of Europe. This includes places in the UK, Germany, France and others.