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Europcar gobbles up Belgium Scooty electric bike share service


Europcar recently added to its mobility solutions options in Belgium with the acquisition of an electric bike share service. The new addition to the global car hire giant's portfolio is the Scooty electric scooter marque.

Scooty is a relatively new kid on the block and was launched just two years ago. The firm's two centres of operations are the key Belgian cities of Brussels and Antwerp. Until the takeover, Scooty was affiliated with Ubeeqo and Poleis Consulting.

Europcar's New Mobility Business Unit manager is Sheila Struyck. She told reporters the group was pleased to be welcoming Scooty scooters and the additional rental choice was in line with the Europcar target of providing additional mobility choices and also a viable alternative to actually owning a car or other vehicle.

Ms Struyck finished off with the addendum that cities all over the world were trying to cut traffic congestion and encourage the sharing of cars, scooters and bicycles. Although Scooty's website now carries the Europcar logo, both entities say the two will operate independently.

Scooty maintains a fleet of 176 electric bikes and scooters in its two core cities. All hirers have to do is download the Scooty app, pay a one-time registration fee of €2.99 (£2.60) and then they are good to go. Rentals are calculated by the minute and cost €0.25 (£0.22). There is no minimum rental period. Scooty app users can also get 10 per cent off Europcar's car hire rates.