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DriiveMe introduces ultra low cost UK car hire services


Europe based DriiveMe car hire has launched in the UK and now offers one-way rentals with rates beginning at just £1 per day. If this sounds a little like pie in the sky it is because there are lots of stipulations to be met before you can drive your rental away from the hire firm's forecourt.

First and foremost is that DriiveMe pick up locations are currently restricted to airports in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Unless you are driving one way between two of these locations, DriiveMe is not exactly a great option. DriiveMe notes that additional routes are likely to be added in the not too distant future.

In a news bulletin announcing the launch, DriiveMe stated rentals were available in periods from 24 to 72 hours and the daily fee was £1. The rentals are fully inclusive of insurance and enough mileage allowance to take in a few off the route sights on the way.

DriiveMe explains that the only thing hirers are required to pay themselves apart from the £1 a day fee is the fuel needed for the journey plus road or bridge tolls. The company finished off by saying car-pooling could further slash the cost of hiring and driving.

DriiveMe's rentals are actually cars and vans belonging to hire companies which need to be driven back to their base depots. The suppliers normally have to pay their own staff to return vehicles used for open-jaw rentals or stick them on a car transporter.