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Crystal Harris Opens Up About Her Sex Life With Hugh Hefner


Well it appears that the gloves are off and Crystal Harris is trying to attack Hugh Hefner where it hurts. Just recently Crystal went on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show to talk about her love life with her former fiance, Hugh Hefner.

It was apparent, during the interview, that she did not enjoy talking about her sex life with the Playboy founder. In fact, when asked questions about their sex life, she continuously made faces. Crystal even went as far as to say that she was only sexually involved with Hef one time. She went on to say that the sex only lasted for "two seconds." Of course, this was not because Hef was done in two seconds, but because she said she was "so over it."

During the interview, Harris went on to say that she did not have an orgasm while sleeping with Hef, and followed up by saying that she is not turned on by him at all. However, it does not appear that the whole relationship was a lie. She said that when Hef proposed to her, she was indeed in love with him. It was not a physical attraction, but an attraction was there. Crystal did admit that there was an attraction to the lifestyle, but there was also an attraction to him. Just like many have said before her, Hef is a very sweet man.

Despite the fact that the two have called it quits, Hef has continued to be very professional about the whole thing. In fact, the two continue to Tweet each other about the break up. On top of this, the two continue to promote the 25-year-old's singing career (which is currently not doing well), and her Playboy cover magazine that was titled "Introducing Mrs. Crystal Hefner."

Some admitted that they did think that there was something there between Crystal and Hef, and they are shocked at the way she is acting towards him now. Even if she does not have feelings for him anymore, one would think that she would still give respect where respect is due. After all, it was Hef that helped launch her career.

Apparently a lot of experts are saying that Hef's relationship with Holly was a lot better than what was with Crystal. The aftermath of the relationships show this as well. Holly continues to talk to and comfort Hef despite the fact that she is no longer with him. Whether or not this is because she respects Hef or they still have a bond of some kind, at least she is not lashing out against him just to be mean as Crystal has done.

Right now, most people think that Harris is dating Dr Phil's son, Jordan McGraw. These rumors started towards the end of her relationship with Hef and do not seem to be fading. Crystal has denied that she is with Jordan and that they are just collaborating musically together.