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Britons head to UK beaches on Boxing Day


Thousands of Brits headed to the UK's beaches on Boxing Day for what was the balmiest 26 December for 28 years.

Around the country, temperatures were at least around the teens. Fyvie Castle in Scotland reached 15.5C back in 1983 and was matched in Raunds, Northamptonshire with the record of 16C that was experienced in Haddington, East Lothian still yet to be beaten.

According to the Met Office, most towns and cities across the country never dropped below 8C or 9C. George Goodfellow, a leading forecaster, commented that unseasonably warm weather on both Christmas and Boxing day was enjoyed by millions across the UK.

Five hundred Boxing Day revellers, laden in fancy dress, participated in the annual Tenby Boxing Day Swim that is contested in the cold seas located just off the west Wales resort and there were similar competition held in coastal towns such as Sunderland, in the north east of England. According to sources, the UK's coldest area was Aberdeen.

The heat is expected to remain on until at least the weekend, which is when a wind from the north east is expected to start blowing in with a chill factor. Goodfellow concluded that more unsettled weather typical of this time of year should come back on New Year's Eve - with some corners of the UK set to receive rainfall.