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British Airways extends basic no frills fares to select long haul flights


British Airways added a new fare option on flights to a select group of long haul destinations from the UK earlier in April. A BA statement claims the new no frills fare options shave as much as £60 off benchmark economy fares on the routes.

The super cheap fares are available for BA's services from London to the US cities of Austin, Boston, Denver, Oakland CA and Philadelphia. Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Dubai and the Asia hub airports of Hong Kong, Singapore and Delhi are the other destinations available with the cut price fares.

BA says the cheapest destination is Dubai and early birds will catch the worm with bargain basement one-way fares beginning at £143. Unfortunately for travellers with an eye for a bargain these tickets may not meet their criteria as they do not include any checked luggage allowances or seat allocations.

Passengers requiring a confirmed seat, say next to a fellow traveller or family member, will have to cough up an extra £20. Anything beyond the airline's standard hand luggage allocation of is also likely to cost dearly with an upper ceiling of £80.

The new fares still include free food and drink, blankets and in-flight entertainment. BA allows passengers two carryon bags with a combined weight of 46kgs on flights. Adam Daniel is BA's commercial officer and he claimed the no-frills fares would suit those who did not travel with a lot of baggage or need specific seats.