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Bexhill teachers films her own nightmare drunken drive


Police in East Sussex used video footage captured from a driver's own webcam to gain her a conviction for drunk driving. The footage showed 41-year-old Louise Willard swerving across lanes and running into roadside verges at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour.

The grand finale of the 20-minute video of the drunken escapade was when the Bexhill teacher ploughed into a parked car and then tried to flee the scene. Luckily for all concerned, there was no one in the parked Audi and Willard herself was uninjured despite extensive damage to her Vauxhall Corsa.

A subsequent breathalyser test carried out by police officers soon after the crash at 17:30 on the 4 April revealed she was way over the drink driving limit. The reading showed a reading of 94mcg of alcohol for 100ml of breath. This is 59mcg more than the legal UK limit of 35mcg.

Appearing before magistrates in Hastings last Wednesday, Willard pleaded guilty to drink-driving and to not stopping after an accident. She was given a two-year driving ban and ordered to pay a total of £170 in court costs and victim surcharges. The magistrates also imposed a sentence of 150 hours unpaid community work to be completed within 12 months.

After the case had been heard, the Roads Policing Unit's PC Nathan Langley said the video had been released to show drivers what it looked like to drive when seriously drunk. He finished off by saying he hoped the scary footage would help drivers think twice before getting behind the wheel if they were drunk.