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Bar and restaurant at Scotland Local Hero hotel bite the dust


An iconic hotel in Aberdeenshire which was immortalised in the classic film Local Hero looks set to shut up shop in a few months time. The Pennan Inn is located in the tiny coastal village of Pennan and is one of the most recognisable settings for the 1983 comedy-drama.

The inn, the nearby phone-box and the harbour frontage have evolved into somewhat of a pilgrimage destination for film buffs. The present-day landlord of the Pennan says he will no longer be able to afford to keep the hotel's restaurant and bar open during the off-peak holiday season, but the hotel itself will remain open for the time being.

Peter Simpson says that since stricter drink-driving laws were introduced in Scotland people have stopped popping over to the Pennan for a drink. In 2014,the legal alcohol limit was lowered to 22mcg per 100 millilitres of breath from 35mcg.

Mr Simpson said the lower permitted limit had proved to be a massive deterrent in stopping drivers choosing the Pennan during autumn, winter and spring. He explained that for this reason he would stay open until the 26 August and then shut down the bar and restaurant side of the business.

He noted that other factors in the decision to close were a general worsening in the economy and the fact he was running the business single-handed as his partner had left. Mr Simpson finished off by saying the pressures of running a combined hotel, bar and restaurant were too much for one person and it needed a couple or even a family to do it well.