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BA survey reveals long haul holidays are best to escape work pressure


A survey carried out by British Airways has revealed Britons prefer long haul holidays to really escape the long arm of work. The research team quizzed 2,000 Brits on their holiday-work balance and found almost half did not feel they were escaping from the boss unless they travelled long-haul.

Brits set a benchmark minimum of 1,000 miles to avoid the clutch of employers and to be truly divorced from the workplace for their holidays. This rules out all but the southernmost resorts of Spain and Italy. The South of France and popular European mini-break cities like Prague and Berlin are no-go destinations.

A third of the respondents said long-haul holidays in Florida and even Australia or New Zealand were needed to forget about work or to stop them from keeping up-to-date with e-mails and other correspondence. The study was carried out for British Airways to support its visit Florida promotional campaign.

The airline's Sean Doyle said people often needed a short break and did not want to travel to the other side of the world. He carried on by saying the research had found the only way people really felt they had switched off was to go much farther afield.

Nearly a quarter of Britons feel they need to answer phone calls or e-mails from work when they are holidaying close to home. More than half of this group said they checked e-mails while in their hotel rooms, but a tiny minority owned up to having had a peek at their in-boxes on phones while beside or even in swimming pools.