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Avis Budget embarks on Europe wide conversion to connected cars


Avis Budget is midway through a fleet conversion which will eventually see its 11,000 strong European fleet converted to smart connected cars. Earlier this month, the company confirmed 6,000 vehicles were already connected and another 5,000 would be added prior to the end of 2018.

Confirming the upgrades, an Avis Budget spokesperson explained connected cars offered hirers a superior experience and also allowed local fleet managers to better utilise their vehicles. Avis Budget Group Europe president Mark Servodidio noted that connected cars are a win-win for both the company and customers.

The president carried on by saying the technology was cost effective and cut out many of the manual chores involved in the rental procedure. He finished off with the codicil that staff were utilised where they were needed and all vehicles in the rental fleet were maintained exactly according to schedules.

Fleet upgrades have been carried out all over Europe in countries ranging from the UK to Italy and Spain. These include those operated by the group's European subsidiary, Maggiore. The parent group's aim is to have all premium DS cars plus Peugeots and Citroens connected by 2020.

Avis Budget will also be transforming fleets all over the world into connected cars. The target is 100,000 vehicles by the same deadline of 2020. The process has already begun and the group recently signed contracts with Toyoda for the supply of 10,000 cars in the US.