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Andy Murray Hotel Under Fire for Overcharging for Alcohol


There are few Scottish hotels that are nicer than the Andy Murray Hotel. Since its opening, the hotel has done nothing but won awards. This is impressive since the hotel has only been open for a couple months. That being said, the hotel has seen its fair share of controversy as well. The latest controversy that the hotel has run into involves the amount that it charges for alcohol: nearly six times the retail value. That is one expensive drink, even for a luxury hotel.

The Andy Murray Hotel, located in Stirling, was purchased by tennis star Andy Murray in 2013. The hotel was first opened in April 2014 and has been popular with wealthy travellers ever since. Now, however, wine industry insiders are criticizing the hotel for overcharging for alcohol beverages. One insider, who wished not to be named, said that slapping a higher-than-normal price on a bottle of wine doesn't make it taste any better. It's the same wine, just with a higher price tag.

The hotel is charging nearly six times as much for a bottle of sweet wine compared to its street value. To make matters worse, the most expensive wine on the menu is being sold for £800 more than what people can buy it for at other five-star London hotels. The wine list at the Andy Murray Hotel is hand selected by French chef Albert Roux. However, it's not known for sure if he sets the prices.

Rose Murray Brown, one of the 312 Masters of Wine in the world, said that she thinks that the hotel is trying to capitalize on the fact that some of the wines have been selected by their world-famous chef. As a result, they are inflating the price. When viewed like this, people are clearly paying extra money for a celebrity endorsement. They are also paying for the fact that they are buying from a wine list at a hotel that is owned by Andy Murray.

One example of an overpriced bottle of wine at the Andy Murray Hotel is the Pol Roger Cuvee Winston Churchill 2000. It comes with a staggering price tag of £425 a bottle. The very same bottle of wine can be purchased 14 miles away at the Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire for just £275. That is still a costly bottle of wine either way, but it's the same bottle of wine.

The owner of the Edinburgh Wine School, Maggy Smith, said that the prices that they are charging for wine are extremely high. It is pretty apparent that they are using a celebrity endorsement here. It is a shame that they are doing this because he is from Scotland. A mark-up of nearly three times the retail value is actually common at hotels. However, to be nearly three times higher than the average five-star hotel is outrageous.