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AirHelp survey names Qatar Airways as Number One world airline


Qatar Airways has scooped up the number one spot in the category for world airlines in the latest survey from AirHelp. The airlines' consumer watchdog and complaints arbiter notes that Qatar gained a 9.08 approval rating by fliers for the 2018 survey.

With just over a full half point behind, Lufthansa came second with 8.57 and was followed by Qatar's fellow Middle Eastern carrier, Etihad Airways, with 8.43. Singapore Airlines was fourth and scored an overall approval rating of 8.33. South African Airways propped up the top five with a score of 8.31.

In positions six to nine respectively were Austrian Airlines (8.29), Aegean Airlines (8.19), Qantas (8.12), and Air Malta (8.09). At number ten, and the only UK airline to garner a rating in the Top 10, Virgin Atlantic sneaked in with a ranking of 8.04.

AirHelp's ratings for the UK region showed the country's airlines have quite a bit of work to do to say they offer as good service quality as Qatar Airways. The UK's Top Three were way below on points with Flybe and British Airways scoring less than eight and easyJet an ignominious 5.66.

AirHelp factors in three key criteria to arrive at its tables for the planet's and regional best airlines. These are punctuality, their quality of service and how quickly they sort out and process compensation claims. Punctuality focuses on flight arrival times at destination while service quality factors in both on-the-ground and in-flight.