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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, try our forum, its the place for moans‚ groans‚ stories of adventure and yes, questions too!

Searching for Car Hire

How can I get a car hire quotation?

Go to our homepage, enter your pickup and drop off locations, dates and age into our search box and click the search now button to see a list of available cars. We search over 50 suppliers including the biggest names such as Hertz, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Alamo, Europcar to name a few and list available vehicles by size and price to make finding your rental car quick and easy.

You can narrow your selection by air conditioning or without and manual or automatic by using the results filter at the top right hand side.

You can also change the currency the price is displayed in and change your country of residence as sometimes the terms change depending on where you are located.

To find out further information about a particular car click on the more button and you will be redirected to the supplier’s website.

How does work? searches over 50 suppliers and brokers to find the available vehicles in your chosen destination and lists them by size and price making it quick and easy to compare and find your rental car.

For more information on any vehicle we have listed click more underneath the price to be taken directly through to the car on the supplier’s website.

When you have made your selection you book the vehicle directly with the supplier. Any questions you have after booking should be directed to the supplier you have chosen as your contract will be with them and they will organise and manage your rental.

How do I find out what is included in the rental price?

Click the “more” button underneath the price and you will be taken through to the supplier’s website, here you will be able to find out exactly what is included in the price.

Generally inclusive rentals include unlimited mileage, insurances, airport fees and charges (if applicable)

You may have to pay additional fees at the rental desk should you wish to travel across borders or would like a one way rental. You may decide to purchase additional extras such as excess insurance, child seats, ski racks, sat navs or decide you require an additional driver. All these extra charges will be shown in the T&C on the supplier’s website before you book.

How do I find the cheapest car hire? is a comparison site, we compare rental prices and list them by car type and price order to enables you to compare your options. We suggest you click the more button to find out what is included in each rental price, to find the best value depending on your needs. You should look at and compare the cost of local extras you may require, such as child seats or additional drivers, charges for one way or cross border rentals and fuel policies as these vary from supplier to supplier.

Choosing the right car for you:

How do I choose a car?

Once you have searched for available vehicles in your chosen location, look at the capacity of each vehicle to find the right size for your needs. Then you can browse through the Supplier’s offering this size of vehicle by price, if you would like any further information click “more”

How do I know which car is most suitable for my needs?

We categorise vehicles in size order according to ACRISS Car classification codes. Next to each car type we have estimated many passengers and how much baggage the car can hold to help you select the right size for your trip.

Can I reserve an exact vehicle?

Unfortunately not. We feature up to 50 brokers and suppliers who have access to thousands of local suppliers who each have hundreds of vehicles within their fleets which are frequently restocked, so it would be impossible for us to list exact vehicles. We do however list vehicles by size according the ACRISS car classification codes which makes it easy for you to select a vehicle of the correct capacity for your needs.

Do you offer sports cars for hire?

Some of our suppliers do feature sports vehicles; by using our search form on you will be able to see what is available in your chosen location.

Can I rent a minibus/people carrier?
How old are the hire cars?

Usually rental vehicles are new or nearly new vehicles. If you are unhappy with your vehicle, speak to the local supplier when you collect your car.

Changing Currency and Country of Residency:

Why should I change my country of residence?

Some suppliers have different terms and insurance applicable for residents in different countries, for example you may be required to produce a different driving licence such as an international licence if you don’t have a UK one. We strongly recommend you change your country of residence before choosing your vehicle so the terms you are presented with when you click through to the supplier’s website are applicable to you.

How do I see the prices in Euros?

After you have entered your pickup and drop off locations and dates and your age you are presented with a list of available vehicles. At the top of this page on the right hand side you can change your country of residence and currency.

How do I change my country of residence?

After you have searched for your vehicle there is an option at the top on the right hand side to change your country of residence.

Booking your car hire:

How do I book a rental car?

Use the search form to show a list of available vehicles in your chosen location, when you have found a suitable vehicle for your trip, click on the more button underneath the price and you will be taken to the supplier’s website. If you are happy with your choice you can continue through the booking process with your chosen supplier.

Usually once your rental has been confirmed you will receive an email containing your rental voucher. You should print this out and present this when you arrive at the rental desk.

Reserving Additional Extras:

How do I reserve a child seat?

Child seats are extras available at the pickup location. Once you have chosen your vehicle you will be given the option to reserve a child seat. Extras usually incur a charge, payable at the rental desk in the local currency.

How do I add an additional driver & how much will this cost?

Additional drivers are an additional extra, usually you can pre-book this when you reserve your rental car or you can request this at the rental desk. The additional driver’s driving licence must be presented at the desk and their details added to the local rental agreement. There is usually a local cost for an additional driver to cover extra insurance, this is managed by the local agent and is payable directly to them. The cost of an additional driver is shown the supplier’s T&C when you make your booking.

All you need to know to hire a car:

What documents do I need to hire a car?

You will need your rental voucher, driving licence and a valid credit card in the lead driver’s name. Sometimes you will also need additional ID such as a passport or proof of address such as a utility bill. You should read through the local supplier’s T&C prior to leaving to make sure you have everything they require.

How old do you have to be to hire a car?

Most rental companies prefer their customers to be between the ages of 25 and 65. However if you are below 25 or over 75 you can usually still rent but you may have a slightly higher insurance fee payable when you collect your vehicle from the rental station.

Search for your required vehicle using our search form and choose a vehicle that best suits your needs, click the more button to be taken through to the supplier and there you will be able to read their T&C to find out if any additional age related fees will apply.

How long do I need to have had my licence for to hire a car?

Most rental companies require you to have had your full licence for a minimum of 12 months. You should read the T&C available after you have selected your vehicle to confirm the exact requirements for the supplier you have chosen.

Can you hire a car without a photo licence?

After you have selected your vehicle and are taken through to the supplier’s website you will be presented with the T&C of rental which will tell you the local supplier’s licence requirements.

In some cases, if you have an old style UK licence, it will be accepted, however if you have the new style photocard licence you will need both the paper licence and the photocard.

I’ve lost my driving licence can I still hire a car?

You will need to get a replacement driving licence before you pick up the vehicle.

Why do I have to leave a security deposit?

A security deposit is taken when you collect your vehicle, usually the local agent will take a swipe of your credit card and block off an amount in case of damage or if you incur additional charges during your rental such as traffic fines. The value that will be blocked on your card varies between locations and local suppliers but after you have chosen your vehicle you will be presented with T&C which detail everything about your rental including the maximum required security deposit.

How much is the security deposit?

Security deposits vary from supplier to supplier and also depend of car type. After you have chosen your location and dates, click more on the vehicle you are interested in and you will be taken through to that vehicle on the supplier’s website. Here you will be able to read the supplier’s T&C which will list the security deposit you will be required to leave. An imprint of your credit card will be taken at the rental desk so please ensure you have enough available credit on your card to cover this.

Can I cross the border?

Yes, some suppliers allow you to cross country borders. You will need to read the T&C of your supplier which can be found after you have clicked more to make sure your chosen supplier allows the particular crossing you require. There is usually a local charge for this to cover additional insurance.

Excess Insurance and why you should have it:

What is excess?

The excess is the maximum amount you will be required to pay if the vehicle is damaged during the course of your rental. Insurance (known as CDW or collision damage waiver) is usually included in the car rental price (please check the supplier’s T&Cs to double check before booking), however if damage occurs you are still required to pay the excess amount. So if for example the vehicle suffers £2,000 worth of damage and the excess amount on the rental contract is £500, you will have to pay £500 toward the cost of repair. Often items such as windscreen damage and tyre damage will need to be paid for by the renter as they are under the excess value. Also you will need to consider that even if you think the damage is minor, it may cost more than you anticipate to bring the vehicle back up to a rentable condition.

How can I avoid a big excess charge?

You can take out additional insurance which is usually calculated on a per day basis and will cover you for the excess charged.

There are two main types of insurance:

Local Supplier Insurances (also known as Super CDW, complete cover or zero excess) is sold by the local rental agent at the rental desk and if damage occurs during your rental contract you will not be charged any excess. This option is fairly expensive, particularly on longer rentals as it is a per day charge, and you should check the exclusions carefully as sometimes items such as tyres are not included. Often pushy rental agents try and force customers to purchase this insurance.

Excess Reimbursement insurance – this insurance is taken out prior to travel from a third party, if the vehicle is damaged your credit card will be charged up to the excess amount shown on your agreement from the security deposit held on your card at the time of collection. When you return home you can seek reimbursement from the third party which can take around 10 – 14 days. This insurance is usually much cheaper than buying insurance at the rental desk and includes additional items such as windscreens, tyres and keys. If you are planning multiple rental trips within a year you can purchase annual cover which could be more economical.

We have teamed up with Questor Insurance Services Ltd, an independent insurance intermediary regulated by the Financial Services Authority to offer excess reimbursement insurance. From just £4.99 per rental day you will be covered for any losses or damage including windscreen, tyres and underbody of vehicle, mis-fueling, personal accident, personal possessions, vehicle keys, road rage and car jacking. For more information and insured values please read the key facts and policy documents.

For regular hirers there is an annual policy.

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