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Highways Agency Summer Getaway


The Highways Agency

Carrentals.co.uk has teamed up with Highways Agency to encourage drivers to take regular breaks during their long journeys this summer and is also offering motorists simple to use travel planning tools to help journeys flow without delay.

Highways Agency’s Summer Getaway

As more and more holidaymakers are choosing the 'staycation' over travelling abroad, the Highways Agency's Summer Getaway campaign aims to encourage travellers to not just drive to their destination but to stop on the way and visit some of the thousands of attractions and sightseeing opportunities that the UK has to offer, with travellers able to make the most of Get Out More's fantastic offers at a range of top attractions!

Helping to not only silence the continuing questions of "Are we there yet?" from the family, but also allowing drivers to avoid peak time traffic, the Highways Agency's Summer Getaway campaign promotes fun for all the family, but most of all, looks to keep drivers safe on the roads this summer.

Here are some of the Highways Agency's top tips for safety on the road this summer:
Ensure your vehicle is serviced and all ready to go before you set off.
Make sure you check your tyre pressure, check your vehicle handbook if you are unsure.
Ensure that you secure your roof rack correctly and make sure it is not overloaded.
Take regular breaks on long journeys.
Check you have screen wash and enough water for your window wipers.
Make sure you have sunglasses as sun glare can be very hazardous.
Emergency kits are essential to keep in your vehicle in the case of an emergency, these include a warning triangle, fluorescent jackets, warm clothing and a first aid kit.

To help you plan your summer journeys, take a look at the Highways Agency map to ensure you avoid heavy traffic and congestion hotspots and for more information and travel tips for a safe summer of driving visit the Highways Agency Summer Getaway website.